Group that delivers Valentine’s Day gifts to senior citizens gets a big surprise


Senior citizens who live alone or in assisted living communities can often be overlooked — and this past year with so many having to isolate away from their kids, grandkids and loved ones, it’s only made things harder.

One incredible organization that is helping make life a bit sweeter for seniors all year long — and especially for Valentine’s Day — is the Cupid Crew, a group of volunteers organized by Wish of a Lifetime from AARP. The Cupid Crew usually delivers roses and sweet notes in person to senior citizens around Valentine’s Day, but this year, volunteers across the country are making and sending heartfelt cards instead.

Laura Larson and her family have been a part of the Cupid Crew since 2016, visiting senior communities every Valentine’s Day to carry out the group’s mission of spreading love and kindness.

“I feel it every time we walk into one of those senior living facilities,” Larson said. “It’s so evident to me how much just a few minutes of my time makes a difference to them.”

This year, Larson and her fellow Cupid Crew members knew that their work would be more important than ever because of the isolation seniors are facing due to the pandemic. To help spread a little more love, the organization teamed up with the Girl Scouts to get even more cards in the hands of seniors.

To thank Larson for her acts of kindness, the TODAY Show teamed up with Mr. Peanut to plan some extra special surprises. As part of its “little acts of substance,” our sponsor Planters is recognizing everyday moments of kindness, like the work that Larson and the Cupid Crew do this time of year.

Every single resident of RiverPointe Senior Living of Littleton, Colorado, received special Valentine’s Day gifts, thanks to our sponsor Planters.
Larson was surprised with Valentine’s Day gifts, including flowers, chocolates and balloons. In her honor, every single resident of RiverPointe Senior Living of Littleton, Colorado, will be receiving special Valentine’s Day gifts to make this year a little sweeter.

To top it off, Planters is also donating $20,000 to Wish of a Lifetime from AARP to help continue the Cupid Crew’s mission.